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Six Steps to Restoration

Does this sound familiar?

Boat owners spend a lot of time scraping and sanding and varnishing their boats.The varnish gets dull after a year or even six months It cracks, peels and comes off the next spring and one has to start all over again.

Help has arrived:

Now there is a modern way to improve the surface protection of your boat.This will help maintain the natural beauty of varnished wood and survive all the conditions of weather in your climate and the environment.

Lignu(R) Impregnating Resin impregnates the wood substrate with a water-repellent polymer made largely from the natural resins of wood itself. It bonds the varnish or paint to the wood with a tough, flexible adhesive. This bond is stronger than the bond of varnish directly to bare wood. This creates better water resistance of the wood substrate as well as better topcoat adhesion.

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